Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Before I forget the events of this month I want to type them. November starting pretty calming and is leaving just as calm at it came with a few disturbances before it ends....On Monday, November 12, and young man without a license hit me in my car causing some muscle bruising and minor pain to me as he hit my car on my driver side door and my driver side wheel...the car is repairable and should be finished soon, but this upset me to no end...why was he driving the car in the first place..ugh just as the police officer said if he wasn't driving there wouldn't have been an accident period.

My moulah has been kinda funny, but that is changing as I change!!! Managing money! Mastery is required!!

My daughter is doing well, she attends a wonderful day care center and is learning by leaps and bounds. I thank God for Ms. Carol, she is teaching my baby such wonderful things. Danni has started identifying letters when she sees them....every so often she yells Mommy that's and A. Now mind you my daughter just turned three....she's just so smart! She also knows how to write a few letters also...

I have also had a few reminders in life lately:
1. God is in control
2. He blesses you through whomever he chooses
3. God is faithful

That's it for now!