Friday, June 25, 2010

My Creations

I have added a Slideshow of things that I have made...The slideshow is located at the bottom of my blog. Thanks for looking!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Design Team Submissions 2010

As a an encouragement and reminder to what I have done this year here are my design team submissions for this year thus far. If you like what you have seen
as far as the sketches visit The Classy Coordinates website to subscribe to the Sketch A Day Club.

Not too bad eh? Thanks for looking! Be back soon with some other creations. I'm going to a crop on Saturday!!! Away from my house all day!! with no kids!!! Thank ya Jesus!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Wow I let the whole month of May past without saying a word to you alll.. I know I am indeed a bad blogger. But I can only master on Social Networking Site at time! Twitter (@CyntaSings) has stolen my heart and facebook is my mistress lol.

I have been busy. I have done some scrapping. Let me apologize for the lowsy pics but I was lazy and took them with my blackberry (which I am addicted to) instead of my camera.
Love: Danni & Bethany

Here is a layout I did based on one of Mr. Browns outfits in Madea's Class Reunion. My siblings when I came to visit them for one of their graduations from high school almost ten years ago,

Here is another on starring my nephew who just turned to the beginning May! He's getting to be such big boy.

Well that tis all for now catch me on twitter @CyntaSings or on Facebook badge is in the upper right hand corner.