Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yes I am Still Alive

Sorry so much time has passed since my last. All thing are well. My Auntie is home recovering! Praise GOD!!! I Have been to see her a couple of times since she has been home. Let's see, she had the stroke on the left side and partial paralysis on her right side. At first it was her leg and arm, now the paralysis is only on her arm, which is getting better. Yesterday she excitedly showed me how she can lift her hand and mover her fingers a little bit!! i was so excited I started clapping and screamimg. God is a healer I tell ya.

I haven't done any scrapbooking since my last post, not that I haven't wanted to, I have just been very busy, I am just finally recovered from my Youth Convention which was the first week of August. It was fun, but I worked so hard those six days with very little sleep. So it took all of last week to recover.

My daughter is doing welll...still struggling with the potty training...but the thing is I think she just doesn't want the responsibility yet....she actually told someone after they asked her did she poop in her pull up "No I didn't poop in my pull up I already pied in it" I am just like little Ms. what is the world is your problem I am tired of spending money on pull-ups...Any way please keep her in your prayers she had to get some blood tests done last week and the results won't be in for two weeks....pray my strength.

We leave tomorrow morning for our little vacation with my inlaws I can't wait it should be alot of fun, my husbands family are just the greatest people you ever want to meet and they know how to have fun.

So I promise to get a better rhythm with this here blog...and not stay away so long.

God Bless,