Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy February!

Can I still say that being it's near the end of January/beginning of February? Well anyway I pray all is well with you all. All is not perfect with me but I am pressing forward...can't dwell on too many things out of my control.

So where do I start....Ok I did a December Daily I will have to take pics and post them. My December Daily was for the entire month of December and I just have like the last four days to finish. Christmas was good. Danielle got a big girl bike and a kids digital camera (which she hasn't look at since Christmas. I made a few Christmas cards, would have made more but the spirit of procrastination took over.

Here are the cards I made:

I used some basic grey wassail and basic grey dasher and Stampin Up! Christ is Born Stamp set

My job moved closer to my house! Can we say 12-15 minute commute! It is really doing alot for my gas tank. I use to drive 45 - an hour to and from work.

I am trying to spruce up my office a bit so I made desk calendar. I was inspired by Tiare she put this calendar from the KI memories blog in her most recent newsletter.

Here it is isn't it cute?
I promise to upload some pics of the December Daily this evening. The year is going. I don't usually complain about the weather but Philadelphia has been getting some snow and some cold. It has been freezing. But I was finally able to get some pics of Danielle playing in the snow!!

So this post is getting pretty long and didn't want to end without mentioning anything about the Inauguration. I scheduled to take off the day of the event back in November. Our offices moved January 15 and 16. I was out a few days prior to this due to my husband's grandmother passing. Do you know one of my supervisors asked was I still taking off the day of the Inauguration and I said I sure am! But our boss decided to close the office anyway so everyone would have the opportunity to watch. I watched every little detail, with such happiness, proudness can't really explain it. Our country has seen a new day indeed and I am proud to be apart of it.