Friday, December 11, 2009

So I did it Again

I chopped all my hair off except two inches this time....I haven't had a perm since June of 2005...but cut all my hair off except for new growth back in December of 2005, been Au Naturale since then. My problem started when I started straightening my hair with heat in October 2006 and then again in 2008. My hair is so thin that really after you put heat to it the curl pattern is jacked and it will continue to be straight....So after I stopped going to salon I had two different textures to deal with and I was not dealing so well, my hair was snapping from the two different textures where they stop and other texture began. So on Wednesday I went right upstairs to my bathroom and cut it. Here is the result:

Thinkin about going to the barber to get it shaped up a bit but not sure if that is the look I am going for or not. Hubby is not to happy with it yet. hopefully it will grow on him it did the last time.

talk to ya lata


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hello World

I know I have been gone way to long...Here is my attempt at back tracking.

I celebrated ten years at my job in September. They threw little ole me party. I was so suprised. My actual start date was October 1, 1999. Seems like forever ago, really.

So after Danielle celebrated her 5th Birthday....The hubby and I went on a cruise and I turned 35 and we have now been married 8 years.

We had a great time with a great group friend's I cannot wait to do it again!!!

We also attended a wedding of a good friend just before the cruise and I want to give my girl Stephanie a shout out for doing my make up....don't I look to get those make up lessons in with her cause hubs was like you can't make your make up look like that again??? See:

Ok so that was October in a onto the more excting news...I have a son...well not really he's my nephew and he will be staying with us for an undetermined amount of time...we are enjoying it so far hubs is really enjoying having another boy in the house even if he's only 18 he is so sweet...Funny thing is most people think I went off and had a baby since he looks a lot like me:

Amman (AJ) and Danielle get along great...Danielle loves having him around and loves him all up even when he doesn't want to be bothered...LOL

excuse the half done head I was working on

The last thing I want to talk about is Allen Iverson returning to the 76ers...Ok he left us on a bad note and I was pretty mad about I am nervous and excited!!! We will see what happens he starts playing again on Monday!

Oh and is anyone doing a December Daily? I'm still on the fence about it I did one last year though....we will see!

talk ya later!