Friday, December 21, 2007


Alot too. I will post in doses. My camera battery died and I need to charge them so I am just posting the one I just completed for a challenge over at chit chat challenge , it was late cause I did not read the posting directions carefully. But what do you think?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Before I forget the events of this month I want to type them. November starting pretty calming and is leaving just as calm at it came with a few disturbances before it ends....On Monday, November 12, and young man without a license hit me in my car causing some muscle bruising and minor pain to me as he hit my car on my driver side door and my driver side wheel...the car is repairable and should be finished soon, but this upset me to no end...why was he driving the car in the first place..ugh just as the police officer said if he wasn't driving there wouldn't have been an accident period.

My moulah has been kinda funny, but that is changing as I change!!! Managing money! Mastery is required!!

My daughter is doing well, she attends a wonderful day care center and is learning by leaps and bounds. I thank God for Ms. Carol, she is teaching my baby such wonderful things. Danni has started identifying letters when she sees them....every so often she yells Mommy that's and A. Now mind you my daughter just turned three....she's just so smart! She also knows how to write a few letters also...

I have also had a few reminders in life lately:
1. God is in control
2. He blesses you through whomever he chooses
3. God is faithful

That's it for now!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Time flies when you are having fun!!!

She is 3 as of October 11, 2007 - and Potty Trained 10/22/2007

I am 33 as of October 21, 2007

and my husband and I have been married for Six years as of October 27, 2007!!! Here it is me and the hubby!

More updates to come soon. Thanks for stopping by!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yes I am Still Alive

Sorry so much time has passed since my last. All thing are well. My Auntie is home recovering! Praise GOD!!! I Have been to see her a couple of times since she has been home. Let's see, she had the stroke on the left side and partial paralysis on her right side. At first it was her leg and arm, now the paralysis is only on her arm, which is getting better. Yesterday she excitedly showed me how she can lift her hand and mover her fingers a little bit!! i was so excited I started clapping and screamimg. God is a healer I tell ya.

I haven't done any scrapbooking since my last post, not that I haven't wanted to, I have just been very busy, I am just finally recovered from my Youth Convention which was the first week of August. It was fun, but I worked so hard those six days with very little sleep. So it took all of last week to recover.

My daughter is doing welll...still struggling with the potty training...but the thing is I think she just doesn't want the responsibility yet....she actually told someone after they asked her did she poop in her pull up "No I didn't poop in my pull up I already pied in it" I am just like little Ms. what is the world is your problem I am tired of spending money on pull-ups...Any way please keep her in your prayers she had to get some blood tests done last week and the results won't be in for two weeks....pray my strength.

We leave tomorrow morning for our little vacation with my inlaws I can't wait it should be alot of fun, my husbands family are just the greatest people you ever want to meet and they know how to have fun.

So I promise to get a better rhythm with this here blog...and not stay away so long.

God Bless,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Lord is Great

My Aunt is recovering well, I will see her this evening at the hospital we are going to have a small Birthday Party for her. She turned 45 today!! She is talking better and attending therapy. God is healer her!!

I have little scrapping for ya that I completed last week for an Ad Challenge over at Classy Coordinates.

The Ad

My Layout

Here is my attempt at the Ad Challenge.I used Photoshop Elements 5.0 for the first time to make my photo collage. I downloaded the free tiral from their website. I just couldn't firgure out how to make the spacing neat and straight so I put the photos together, sort of on top of each other.

I know it's not the best picture of the layout I am going to do better next time by taping it to the wall and then taking the picture...

My daughter was so excited that day trying to ride her bike...which she needed much assistance doing and I had to push her up and the the sidewalk it was too funny. The thing that melted my heart the most is everytime I'd push her she asked me to do it again so nicely..."Mommy can you please push me again?" Who wouldn't do what she asked? That's all for now.


Monday, July 09, 2007

How can this be? I was just talking and joking with you on Saturday. If you pop in to read my blog please say a prayer for my Aunt Tracey and my family. As my husband so eloquently puts in referring to her she is the ROCK of our family. She had a massive stroke eary Sunday morning, please pray for her complete recovery. I love my Auntie more than I can express..she has been there for me whenever I needed her...she would do anything for anybody....


Tuesday, July 03, 2007


A Madea style greeting. I actually posted the previous message on day last week....but I started May 15 not sure why the dated didn't change or how to change it. So nothing much is going on with me been reall busy doing some singing here and there....Most notable experience was singing at Bethel Deliverance International Church's 20th Anniversay Banquet at the Convention Center in Philadelphia...there were so many people there and the Banquet itself was a beautiful worship experience I am so glad I was a part of it....I have done some scrapping need to take some pictures to post I will be updating later on this week I promise with some pictures of my progress and some updated pictures of the princess.

Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hey Gang!

Well I have been tagged by Tiffany so I am attempting to repsond to this tag. I have never been tagged before, so this a real treat.

The game is to choose 7 different random things and blog about them as well as keeping the rules on the blog, go figure. Then choose 7 people to be tagged and list their names. And don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and go read the blog. I think I can do that ... here goes!

1. Parallel Parking annoys me. Or should I say others parrallel parking annoys me. I live on street where you have to parallel park...and the neighbors tend to park too far apart sometimes which inhibits me from parking anywhere near my house sometimes...Sometimes I wish I had a garage.

2. I just really wish we could do something quickly about the murder rate in Philadelphia...I mean it' s becoming unreal. I will continue to pray as I normally do...God we need a MIRACLE!!

3. What is it with the men who are killing their pregnant wifes, girlfriends, mistresses..What in the World???

4. Beyonce's Get Me Bodied Video...takes it back..can you do all the old dances..LOL

5. Potty training is of the devil..LOL, just kidding but does anybody have any tips that will help me train my 2 and a half year old it's really not going well and I think I tried everything.

6. I wish I kept playing my viola.. I really miss playing I am going to try and pick it up again...I haven't played it in at least 2 years.

7. I wish I had asked my grandmother to teach me how to sew when she was alive. I really need to sew daughter is so tiny she wears 24 months and that's too it would be good if I could just tailor her clothes.. then I wouldn't have to worry about tacking stuff here and there.

So that's my tag...I am tagging Adrienne, Toya, Lisa Sanford, Stephanie , Melanie, Dana, Tiare

Okay now I have to leave comments on these blogs.

Okay so I haven't scrapbooked any pictures, but I altered a composition book for my niece yesterday...and I didn't take any pictures because I let someone borrow my camera, they gave the camera back but they have my memory I am making another one for my daughter so I'll post that.

That's all for now I'll be back tomorrow and update them with some other happenings in my life.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Hey Blog land,
Back from my small hiatus and have a few pictures to post. Here is a picture of some of the amateur crocheting...just trying to get the stitch down ...I think I got

I also took a couple of pictures of some layouts....I really am not sure how to take pictures of layouts so here is a picture of my first layout that I did in 2005.

Here are two of the layouts I completed on National Scrapbooking Day:

Hope you can see it clear enough...If anyone has any suggestions as to how to take the pictures of the layouts I's appreciate it....also please tell me what you think of it...I don't have a scanner so I can't scan them. Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

So I have been missing in action, I got really sick after that washing of the hair incident and going right out, but I am much better now. and I promise I won't do that again until the summer get's here.

Since I last posted I learned how to crochet. I don't have pictures yet I will post some this evening of my starting pieces I haven't started making anything yet just trying to get the stitches down first.

I am almost finished my daughters first year album I will post pics as soon as I am finished, you will be able to see the growth in my scrapbooking from the beginning stages up til now...I have been working on this same album since she was born in you'll understand what I am talking about when you see it.

The last two weeks have been really busy at work. It's the same way this time of year every year. I just know I am so tired of collating papers, and stapling I don't know what to do. I can't wait until Saturday afternoon!! It will be all over and back to the regular grind of life as normal.

Well that's all for now...I will post some pictures when I get home this afternoon.


Friday, April 20, 2007

I'ts Friday

Alright now, no work tomorrow. Yay! I am so sick, but I think that's because I washed my hair on Tuesday night, I did not dry it and I immediately went out in the cold. The entire time I am saying to myself this probably not a good idea or is that a myth...I guess not.

In other news I won a copy of the Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers by Jessica Sprague from Tiffany. I have never won anything off the internet before so this is kewl. Talk to ya later!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just thinking

After listening to yesterday's Inspirational Wednesday's Pod Cast, I got to thinking just as Toya said the important things to see on scrapbook is your journaling and your pictures. So yesterday when I got home from work I started to complete the journaling for my 2005 Scrapbook of my daughter Danielle. I have been working on it forever and I want to finally complete and album. I am no longer concerned about what products I use and how many embellishments I put on a page. The important thing is that my daughter has some idea of what her life was like when she was little. How she behaved and how much her mother and father cared for her and how much her family loves her. There are not many pictures of me as a baby or a child for that matter. So the only things I remember about my childhood are the not so pleasant events that are engraved in my mind. I don't want that for my daughter, so I will continue to do my scrapbooking and be more concerned about the memories and the love that is shared between my family.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Just wanted to share a picture of the little lady and her mommy. This picture was taken in June of 2006 at Danielle's cousin Bethany's Birthday Party. My mommy took this...I'm rockin' my twa...ha ha...

I'm Trying Again

To keep this thing up to date...okay so Sunday was Easter Sunday, always I day I look forward to, because it reminds that JESUS is alive!!! HE IS RISEN!

I also enjoy this day more because of my daughter Danielle. Here are some pictures of her before we left for church on Sunday:

Styling with her Children's Place Sunday Glasses and out fit on...she is just supercute

Look Mom I can put my glasses on all by myself.

It was a joyous day at church and we also had a wonderful time at Aunt Becky's for dinner. It was special because family was in from out of town for our cousin Kiah's wedding. Danielle got to play with her other first cousin that is around the same age as she is. We haven't seen them in a long time so that was nice.

I also made some cards this week for a couple of my husbands coworkers. One of them bought some food for Danielle that I used for her lunch last week. The other one bought us some beautiful towels to match our bathroom decor!! I was so excited to receive them that I sat right down and made these cards. These cards are only my 3rd and 4th cards I have ever made. What do you think of them?

I used products from two of the classy coordinated kits I get once a month from Since I'm new to this whole scrapbook, papercraft thing I really enjoy using the kits I get from this kit club because it has just about everything you need in it.

Okay until next time, thanks for reading.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back Again

Hey Blog Land,

Been missing awhile I know. I plan to better this year, hey it's only almost March. I'll be back soon to post some layouts and pictures.