Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm back...

It's been a busy couple of months...this is going to be a long post with plenty of pictures. I'll start with last night, my best friend from high school graduated from Rutgers University,New Jersey with a double major in Music and Psychology...Here is the gang at her mom's house after the graduation. Me, Anjail and Lisa we were inseparable in high school. It was really nice to be together again.... During the graduation two rainbows cool is that?? The next major thing was the celebration banquet for one the greatest preachers/teachers I know my father in law.... It was alot of work but it was so nice and encouraging to him...Here are some pics of the hubby and I and picture of the Princess Danielle at the celebration.

I have worked on plenty of projects over the last month but haven't taken a picture of a thing. I made five mother's day cards, 2 8x8 mini albums, and a collector's box frame. I will have to get some pictures taken of thses items, I also bought some really nice frames that held (4) 4x6 pictures and I printed pictures that I have taken of my girls from church and gave them to their mom's as gifts for mother's day.
In April I also got to hang out with Stephanie. We went to Memory Lane PA for their Yard Sale. We got some really nice deals, but Stephanie next time we have to be their at 6am like the other women....LOL..., Those women were serious!! We also went and stopped by the Crop Room which will soon be The Cropping Station. Can't wait for the grand opening! I also attended a crop with Stephanie hosted by Lisa. I talked entirely too much and I got absolutely nothing done...LOL. Can't wait to attend another crop, but this time actually get something done.
I am so thankful that Monday is Memorial Day...I need a day off. Danielle went to North Carolina for a week earlier this month and while she was away I took a week of vaction, I had some me time and went on a couple of dates with the hubby it was really it's back to reality...LOL
On Sunday I am going to get myself a Cuttlebug. I am super excited about that...I got my 50% off Coupon from Michael's and I am hype!!
Trying to remember what else has been happening since I lasted posted, but my age is working against me...
Thanks for reading and I will make sure my next update won't be so far apart.