Friday, December 11, 2009

So I did it Again

I chopped all my hair off except two inches this time....I haven't had a perm since June of 2005...but cut all my hair off except for new growth back in December of 2005, been Au Naturale since then. My problem started when I started straightening my hair with heat in October 2006 and then again in 2008. My hair is so thin that really after you put heat to it the curl pattern is jacked and it will continue to be straight....So after I stopped going to salon I had two different textures to deal with and I was not dealing so well, my hair was snapping from the two different textures where they stop and other texture began. So on Wednesday I went right upstairs to my bathroom and cut it. Here is the result:

Thinkin about going to the barber to get it shaped up a bit but not sure if that is the look I am going for or not. Hubby is not to happy with it yet. hopefully it will grow on him it did the last time.

talk to ya lata


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hello World

I know I have been gone way to long...Here is my attempt at back tracking.

I celebrated ten years at my job in September. They threw little ole me party. I was so suprised. My actual start date was October 1, 1999. Seems like forever ago, really.

So after Danielle celebrated her 5th Birthday....The hubby and I went on a cruise and I turned 35 and we have now been married 8 years.

We had a great time with a great group friend's I cannot wait to do it again!!!

We also attended a wedding of a good friend just before the cruise and I want to give my girl Stephanie a shout out for doing my make up....don't I look to get those make up lessons in with her cause hubs was like you can't make your make up look like that again??? See:

Ok so that was October in a onto the more excting news...I have a son...well not really he's my nephew and he will be staying with us for an undetermined amount of time...we are enjoying it so far hubs is really enjoying having another boy in the house even if he's only 18 he is so sweet...Funny thing is most people think I went off and had a baby since he looks a lot like me:

Amman (AJ) and Danielle get along great...Danielle loves having him around and loves him all up even when he doesn't want to be bothered...LOL

excuse the half done head I was working on

The last thing I want to talk about is Allen Iverson returning to the 76ers...Ok he left us on a bad note and I was pretty mad about I am nervous and excited!!! We will see what happens he starts playing again on Monday!

Oh and is anyone doing a December Daily? I'm still on the fence about it I did one last year though....we will see!

talk ya later!

Monday, October 12, 2009

She's FIVE!!!

Five years ago yesterday my little angel Danielle was born weighing in at 5lbs 1oz. She was very small indeed... when we left the hospital she weighed 4lbs 11oz. After getting the whole breast feeding down she started to gain weight as she should and has grown up with some minors medical issues. She stated wearing glasses right after she turned 2, and will probably wear them the rest of her lift. But I am grateful to God for allowing her to grow into a beautiful healthy little girl who I love dearly.!!!

Here's Danielle at 5:

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Survey Says!!!

Hey my friends in Blogland!!!! If you have a moment could you answer as survery for me? I am doing this survey for my Youth Ministry. We are playing Family Feud for one of our services in January and need help with coming up with the answers...thanks so much! MUAH!!!

Click Here

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can you believe that summer is almost over??

I can't but I must move on as the time surely is. The youth convention I attended at the end of July was a huge success and God really blessed and I made it back alive!!! I also went to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Valley Forge with my girl Stephanie. We had a ball voluntering in the bookstore and some fun browsing the floor. I didn't do too much damage to my wallet while I was there but got a few small things... sorry no pics.

My hubby turned 35 last Friday although he keeps telling everyone he's 30. He loves the Sixers so our cousin Tara made him a cake of their new was a surprise and he loved it. Here are a few pictures:

We are getting geared up for some company next week. I am on vacation and super excited because my two youngest siblings will be visiting me for the whole week. I am AMPED!!!

I started scrapbooking again as I have found some free time. Here are a few layouts I completed over the last couple of days:

just getting into making 81/2 by 11 pages there are two in the group above. I used sketches from Tiare's 52 Week Sketch Challenge.

That is all for now! Talk to you again soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Worry

I have alot on my plate as my brother -in -law would say. Preparing for a busy week next week and really want the anxiety to go away!!!! So I turned to scriptures that is a good way to refocus the anxiety! The Message Bible is the best speaks right to you!

Philippians 4:6-7
6-7Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

Been mediatating on that and praying for the peace I need to get through next week!

Be Blessed peoples!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Psalm 27

This is my daughter Danielle and my two nieces, Bethany and Laila reciting Psalm 27...their day care provider taught them this Mrs. Carol Smith Hunter, Hunter Christian Day School!


Thursday, April 30, 2009


How do you like my new hair color, new glasses and new 'do?

I'll be back soon with some craftiness to share


Thursday, April 02, 2009

And She's back

This past month has been crazy busy!!!! I am looking forward to a slower April...really I am.
So what was I so busy doing in March....I don't even am just going to post some pics of the family and go from there...

The family out to dinner at our favorite restaurant (well not really my favorite but theirs)..this child loves her daddy!!

Danni singing her first solo in church, I was so proud!!
Dinner at Gallo's in Northeast Philly with Ladies..this was so good Blacken chicken with Penne Pasta oh so yummy!!
We also had a belated birthday cake for my mil who's birthday is in December (never you mind that it is now March) My cousin Tara makes the prettiest cakes, and they taste good. ain't this pretty??
I was a little creative this month. I made two mini albums from a class I took with Scrap in Style TV. Here are the albums I made, they are not finished on the inside yet I'll have to do that later.

That is all for now.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I have really been scrapping

Friday night I sat down and watched the new Tye Tribbett DVD. If you are fan, you must watch it, it is off the chain!!! I had that playing in the background and some papers and photos in front of me, and I scrapped the night away. I used some very old KI Memories, I don't even know when I bought it but I thought let me try and use this stuff up. So here are some layouts:

Supplies: Basic Grey Boxer and Kraft Cardstock, Heidi Swap Clock
This is my daugther doing her homework with her grandmother. In journaling I mention how happy she was doing her homework with ther grandmother. When she does homework with me she is never this cooperative.
Supplies: KI Memories, Autumn Leaves Journal Stamp, Heidi Swapp Letters.
This layout is pictures from the girls trip to Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster, PA in 2007. My mom always takes them places during the summer and they always have ball.

Supplies: KI Memories Paper, Heidi Swapp, Button from Walmart, Journal card by Tiffany Tillman in most recent CK Mag., Heidi Swapp Letters.
This is Danielle at the Please Touch Musuem in Philadelphia, PA before it moved, she had a ball this was like the 3rd time she had been and I was able to go too. I could barely keep up.

On Saturday I went to the National Constitution Center in Philly to see the America I AM by Tavis Smiley If it comes to your area you really should go see it. I did not see the entire visit because I did not use wisdom and took Danielle with me and unfortunately she had to to the bathroom and with this exihibit you can't reenter after you anyway I will have to go back again!

Here are some pictures from the museum:

This Lighted Mural was so great to see it kept changing colors, do you recognize everyone? You weren't able to take pictures inside the exhibit. It is really something to see.

These last pics are of Danielle signing the Constitution....too funny, she is really
If you look close she actually is writing her name.

I have one more layout to share. I really like this one. I had alot of fun with this one.
Supplies: KI Memories papers, Heidi Swapp flower

Thanks for looking.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another funny story and some layouts

So last Monday I picked Danielle and my friend Liz and her grandson from daycare. Before I dropped them off I had to go to the drugstore to pick up my husbands prescription. I left my friend Liz and the kids in the car with the car running because I didn't plan to be long. Of course it took longer than expected. I get back in the car and it stalls. The lights work, radio work everything is working except the car itself will not turn. So I am sitting there trying to figure out what's going on and my daugter says in the whinest voice I ever heard. I want to go home! Uh duh we all do is she serious, I say to myself and look at my girlfriend. As calming as I can I say to Danielle will all will go home as soon as we figure what's wrong with the car. We called my girlfriends husband he is on his way, so I fiddle around with the car some more and the car starts. I am dumbfounded and wanted to make sure that it actually was running so I sit there a few minutes, and my daughter says, Drive mommy, drive. I couldn't believe it. This child of mine is mess!!
This above layout was done using the SEI Jolie Chocolat line with some Martha Stewart Butterflies. This is also a sketch from Tiare

This is another sketch from Tiare. I am not sure of the Paper Company for these papers, they were in Classy Pak I know.

This child is always sucking her thumb and pulling her ear or someone elses ear if they let her. This is what she does the majority of her time at home or anywhere. She keeps telling me she is not going to suck her thumb no more but always manages to keep doing it. We have even bribed her nothing works. We soon will need to get her to stop. I'll let you know how that goes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funny Story

Yesterday after church Danielle kept saying she was hungry. So as we are walking to the car she says I just want french fries no nuggets this time money. I say how about we go home make you a peanut better and jelly sandwich and you can have a glass a milk. She reluctantly says OK. We get home I fix the sandwich and grab a cup out of the cabinet and pour her some milk. She looks at me and says Mommy that's not a glass that's a cup, you said I could have a glass. I just look at her and say this cup will do just fine. When did she learn the difference between a cup and a glass. Some days she really amazes me.

She is also reading some words and sounding them out! Can you say Kindergarten here we come!! Say a prayer that she gets to go to in September. I think she is ready.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sharing some layouts

The first layout is from my trip to the Academy of Music to see Ruben Studdard, Frenchie Davis and Trenyce in Ain't Misbehavin. It was a great show and the cast was awesome. I was trying to find a picture of all of them on the net but no such luck. My friend Whitney treated me, it was a great treat especially because we were sitting in the front row.
Supplies: bazzil cardstock
I journaled on the bad phot0graph of Whitney touching the stage:
Journaling reads:
So one day during the first week of January Whitney and I had a passing conversation about going to see Ain’t Misbehavin since it was in town. We talked about our availability. So sunday morning I get text message from Whitney saying we are still going right, I had forgotten about it and had not realized that she bought the tickets. It was a pleasant surprise! We get to the theater and we ask the usher where are seats were, I could not believe she bought us to front row seats. I’ve been to the Academy of Music a thousand times, but have never sat in the FRONT ROW! Can you say EXCITED! This is Whitney’s hand touching the stage. It was a great show! Thanks, Whitney - I owe you one!

Supplies: bazzil cs and basic grey scarlet letter (my favorite line from them when it came out now it's Offbeat)
Above is my take on the Week 7 Sketch going on at Classycoordinates. This is a layout of the second cousins at the repast for my husbands grandmother. Laila and Danielle see each other all the time, but Moriah lives in Florida so they were all having a ball together.

Journaling Reads:
Danielle, Laila, & Moriah bonding at Grandma Lewis’ repast. They don’t get to see each other often , but when they do it’s a treat for us all. They are holding up the peace sign taught to them by Al’s niece Candace. January 2009

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scrapbooking is Cheap Therapy

Well it's only cheap therapy if you don't spend any money and i didn't spend a dime. I just used what I had on hand. The first three are for the 52 Week Skecth Challenge by Tiare.

These last two were done back in October when I went to this 12 hour Crop. My girl Stephanie gave me an older Sketch magazine by Simple Scarpbooks and I got the sketch for these two from there.

I completed the first three layout early this morning, feeling much better.
Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Layouts of the cutest nephew

For Christmas I bought my sister in law and family a scrapbbok album for my nephew. I told her I would periodically do some layouts to add to the book of photos I took of him. He is the cutest boy I know. Here are two layouts I did based on sketches by Tiare. These are from the 52 Week Challenge she has going on at her blog.
Supplies are Bazzill cs and Basic Gery Archiac with little Stampin Up! grosgrain ribbon.
What is another good boy paper line to use?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In Memory of my Mother Deborah Maxine Daniels

I miss my mom so much. Today would have been her 56th birthday, she died of lung cancer when she was 43.

Here are two layouts I tribute to my mom.
The journaling is the words to Wind Beneath My Wings.

Cherish your family and your friends they are not guaranteed to be here with you forever.

Cards, Cards and more cards

As I sat watched every detail of the Inauguration I made some cards.

Thanks for looking

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy February!

Can I still say that being it's near the end of January/beginning of February? Well anyway I pray all is well with you all. All is not perfect with me but I am pressing forward...can't dwell on too many things out of my control.

So where do I start....Ok I did a December Daily I will have to take pics and post them. My December Daily was for the entire month of December and I just have like the last four days to finish. Christmas was good. Danielle got a big girl bike and a kids digital camera (which she hasn't look at since Christmas. I made a few Christmas cards, would have made more but the spirit of procrastination took over.

Here are the cards I made:

I used some basic grey wassail and basic grey dasher and Stampin Up! Christ is Born Stamp set

My job moved closer to my house! Can we say 12-15 minute commute! It is really doing alot for my gas tank. I use to drive 45 - an hour to and from work.

I am trying to spruce up my office a bit so I made desk calendar. I was inspired by Tiare she put this calendar from the KI memories blog in her most recent newsletter.

Here it is isn't it cute?
I promise to upload some pics of the December Daily this evening. The year is going. I don't usually complain about the weather but Philadelphia has been getting some snow and some cold. It has been freezing. But I was finally able to get some pics of Danielle playing in the snow!!

So this post is getting pretty long and didn't want to end without mentioning anything about the Inauguration. I scheduled to take off the day of the event back in November. Our offices moved January 15 and 16. I was out a few days prior to this due to my husband's grandmother passing. Do you know one of my supervisors asked was I still taking off the day of the Inauguration and I said I sure am! But our boss decided to close the office anyway so everyone would have the opportunity to watch. I watched every little detail, with such happiness, proudness can't really explain it. Our country has seen a new day indeed and I am proud to be apart of it.