Friday, February 27, 2009

Another funny story and some layouts

So last Monday I picked Danielle and my friend Liz and her grandson from daycare. Before I dropped them off I had to go to the drugstore to pick up my husbands prescription. I left my friend Liz and the kids in the car with the car running because I didn't plan to be long. Of course it took longer than expected. I get back in the car and it stalls. The lights work, radio work everything is working except the car itself will not turn. So I am sitting there trying to figure out what's going on and my daugter says in the whinest voice I ever heard. I want to go home! Uh duh we all do is she serious, I say to myself and look at my girlfriend. As calming as I can I say to Danielle will all will go home as soon as we figure what's wrong with the car. We called my girlfriends husband he is on his way, so I fiddle around with the car some more and the car starts. I am dumbfounded and wanted to make sure that it actually was running so I sit there a few minutes, and my daughter says, Drive mommy, drive. I couldn't believe it. This child of mine is mess!!
This above layout was done using the SEI Jolie Chocolat line with some Martha Stewart Butterflies. This is also a sketch from Tiare

This is another sketch from Tiare. I am not sure of the Paper Company for these papers, they were in Classy Pak I know.

This child is always sucking her thumb and pulling her ear or someone elses ear if they let her. This is what she does the majority of her time at home or anywhere. She keeps telling me she is not going to suck her thumb no more but always manages to keep doing it. We have even bribed her nothing works. We soon will need to get her to stop. I'll let you know how that goes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funny Story

Yesterday after church Danielle kept saying she was hungry. So as we are walking to the car she says I just want french fries no nuggets this time money. I say how about we go home make you a peanut better and jelly sandwich and you can have a glass a milk. She reluctantly says OK. We get home I fix the sandwich and grab a cup out of the cabinet and pour her some milk. She looks at me and says Mommy that's not a glass that's a cup, you said I could have a glass. I just look at her and say this cup will do just fine. When did she learn the difference between a cup and a glass. Some days she really amazes me.

She is also reading some words and sounding them out! Can you say Kindergarten here we come!! Say a prayer that she gets to go to in September. I think she is ready.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sharing some layouts

The first layout is from my trip to the Academy of Music to see Ruben Studdard, Frenchie Davis and Trenyce in Ain't Misbehavin. It was a great show and the cast was awesome. I was trying to find a picture of all of them on the net but no such luck. My friend Whitney treated me, it was a great treat especially because we were sitting in the front row.
Supplies: bazzil cardstock
I journaled on the bad phot0graph of Whitney touching the stage:
Journaling reads:
So one day during the first week of January Whitney and I had a passing conversation about going to see Ain’t Misbehavin since it was in town. We talked about our availability. So sunday morning I get text message from Whitney saying we are still going right, I had forgotten about it and had not realized that she bought the tickets. It was a pleasant surprise! We get to the theater and we ask the usher where are seats were, I could not believe she bought us to front row seats. I’ve been to the Academy of Music a thousand times, but have never sat in the FRONT ROW! Can you say EXCITED! This is Whitney’s hand touching the stage. It was a great show! Thanks, Whitney - I owe you one!

Supplies: bazzil cs and basic grey scarlet letter (my favorite line from them when it came out now it's Offbeat)
Above is my take on the Week 7 Sketch going on at Classycoordinates. This is a layout of the second cousins at the repast for my husbands grandmother. Laila and Danielle see each other all the time, but Moriah lives in Florida so they were all having a ball together.

Journaling Reads:
Danielle, Laila, & Moriah bonding at Grandma Lewis’ repast. They don’t get to see each other often , but when they do it’s a treat for us all. They are holding up the peace sign taught to them by Al’s niece Candace. January 2009

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scrapbooking is Cheap Therapy

Well it's only cheap therapy if you don't spend any money and i didn't spend a dime. I just used what I had on hand. The first three are for the 52 Week Skecth Challenge by Tiare.

These last two were done back in October when I went to this 12 hour Crop. My girl Stephanie gave me an older Sketch magazine by Simple Scarpbooks and I got the sketch for these two from there.

I completed the first three layout early this morning, feeling much better.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Layouts of the cutest nephew

For Christmas I bought my sister in law and family a scrapbbok album for my nephew. I told her I would periodically do some layouts to add to the book of photos I took of him. He is the cutest boy I know. Here are two layouts I did based on sketches by Tiare. These are from the 52 Week Challenge she has going on at her blog.
Supplies are Bazzill cs and Basic Gery Archiac with little Stampin Up! grosgrain ribbon.
What is another good boy paper line to use?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In Memory of my Mother Deborah Maxine Daniels

I miss my mom so much. Today would have been her 56th birthday, she died of lung cancer when she was 43.

Here are two layouts I tribute to my mom.
The journaling is the words to Wind Beneath My Wings.

Cherish your family and your friends they are not guaranteed to be here with you forever.

Cards, Cards and more cards

As I sat watched every detail of the Inauguration I made some cards.

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