Monday, October 12, 2009

She's FIVE!!!

Five years ago yesterday my little angel Danielle was born weighing in at 5lbs 1oz. She was very small indeed... when we left the hospital she weighed 4lbs 11oz. After getting the whole breast feeding down she started to gain weight as she should and has grown up with some minors medical issues. She stated wearing glasses right after she turned 2, and will probably wear them the rest of her lift. But I am grateful to God for allowing her to grow into a beautiful healthy little girl who I love dearly.!!!

Here's Danielle at 5:

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Survey Says!!!

Hey my friends in Blogland!!!! If you have a moment could you answer as survery for me? I am doing this survey for my Youth Ministry. We are playing Family Feud for one of our services in January and need help with coming up with the answers...thanks so much! MUAH!!!

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