Friday, August 31, 2012

Spending Quality Time with Danielle & Make up

Now that Danielle is back to being the only kid in the house. I started making sure she feels special. In the summer I have Friday's off.  So every Friday this month we have been spending the entire day together doing something.  The first friday we went to the movies to see Diary of a Wimpy kid. To hear Danielle crack up at this movie made me smile and laugh. She was funnier than the movie to me.  Here she is as we waited for them to turn the lights on in the theater before the movie started (we were a bit early due to being to late for the earlier show).

Last Friday we went to the nail salon in the morning and then to the MAC Style Seeker Makeover at King of Prussia Mall. The latter was more of a treat for me but hey I am sure Danielle enjoyed it too. 

We also stopped by Old Navy and took advantage of their summer sale and got few summer items for Danielle.

Here is a few more shots of Danielle and I at the mac Event, the first photo is the photo they took at the event (which was spectacular by the way) and the second is one I took myself with my blackberry.
I sent these pics to hubby and he approved of my new lip gloss  I purchased the Hidden Treasue Blush and the Restlee Lip Gloss... I may go back and get the eyeshadow next month we shall see. Here are the items I purchased:
hidden treasure .. photo courtesy

MAC Restless Lipglass
Restless LipGlass  with Night Moth Lip Liner (great combo) photo courtesy

She used these products from the newline on my eyes. This rich ground (just a repromote not new) paintpot..i really like this sort of forgot she used this....the only paintpot I have is reubenesque which is really gold...this rich ground is very natural really would be a nice neutral for me.
MAC Rich Ground Fluidline
photo courtesy

On the Hunt -- thinking of getting this later on in September
MAC On the Hunt Eyeshadow Duo
photo courtesy

Culturalized Eyeshadow Duo she used the gold on the right which is called retrospeck. She used this color as my brow highlight
MAC Culturalized Eyeshadow Duo
photo courtesy

And the last color she used was Sketch, i already have this one in my kit yay!

I also changed my concealer to NW35 from NC 45 really liking the look of it now :)
What do you think?

Thanks for reading!! Be back soon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Miss AJ

My nephew AJ left to go back home with his mom and sisters. It's been a month since he's been gone.  My husband took it the hardest. It tugs my heart when all the kids that played with him ask where's AJ.  I miss him and we love him just like he was our own.  It has been an interesting almost 2 1/2 years glad we did it helped us in our journey and I love my nephew-son to death.  Here are some pictures of our fun times with AJ.

 We love you AJ!!!! see you soon :)